Company Vision

Newly built factory / equipment .

2018 All new soft packaging manufacturing plant. Provide high-quality / technology equipment to provide consumers with excellent / peace of mind packaging products.

Quality priority, customer demand is preferred .

Yupack Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. passed ISO FSSC 22000 quality certification. It was established with QA Lab and adhered to the principle of quality priority to meet the needs of customers.

Invest in high-performance environmental protection equipment .

Invest in high-performance environmental protection equipment .

Product differentiation and market linkage .

Continuous research and development and introduction of differentiated commodities. Allied alliances / peers, jointly develop the blue ocean market.

Company philosophy and vision .

Determined to become the most trusted professional packaging partner for customers; continuous innovation and research and development, expecting to be at the forefront of packaging technology; vow to become a happy enterprise / sustainable business.